We are passionate about partnering with good people and organisations
to produce exceptional work that betters the world around us.

The Latvian-British Chamber of Commerce is an independent institution, NGO, and social enterprise based in Bristol, South West, UK. The mission of the Latvian-British Chamber of Commerce is to "encourage, promote and foster business interests and commercial relations between Latvia and the UK within the core fields of technology, innovation and SMEs.” Within their spectrum of services, the Latvian-British Chamber of Commerce also acts as a Latvian Citizen Advice institution for UK-based Latvians.

Latvian-British Chamber of Commerce provides various digital products and services to its members (companies and individuals) and invests back into society for social good through different projects and activities.



The Latvian-British Chamber of Commerce was established on the 13th October 2010 in Mayfair, London. It received an official permission for using and registering the sensitive name "Chamber of Commerce" from the national body, British Chambers of Commerce and the Companies House.
Between 2010 and 2016, the head office for the Chamber of Commerce was based at Hanover Square in Mayfair, London. The head office moved in mid-2016 to the Long Ashton Business Park, Bristol. The Latvian-British Chamber of Commerce is officially recognised by the various UK governmental organisations and institutions.

We believe and actively foster the potential of young and creative professionals.
Our organisation supports young people who are seeking new opportunities by providing work where possible - while providing training and professional guidance on the job within each project our organisation takes on. As a bridge between two countries we believe the future of the two economies lies in the hands of young and talented professionals, and we seek to empower others by taking on board projects which enable this.

As a Social Enterprise we are proud to work and collaborate with very talented individuals at an early stage of their career, and provide international job opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t have been available - both in Latvia and Great Britain. 


The Latvian-British Chamber of Commerce is widely
seen as a new generation of Chambers of Commerce.
The UK Prime Minister's Investment Envoy has acknowledged the innovative approach taken by the Chamber through its global programmes, focussed on the principles of connectivity, innovation and opportunities, providing new digital products
and services to its members.


Latvian-British Chamber of Commerce believes that the future of bilateral Chambers of Commerce needs to be digital, with an innovative approach to encourage and promote commercial relations between countries and also provide advice to their citizens in a country of residence.


This business approach led the Chamber to create new digital products and services for the UK-based Latvians and Latvian companies that move or open their businesses from Latvia to the UK.
For example, the Latvian-British Chamber of Commerce created the “Latvian citizen advice” digital tools - available as a smartphone app, tablet app, and website platform - in order to advise UK-based Latvian citizens, professionals and travellers from Latvia in the UK.