Business Growth

The Latvian-British Chamber of Commerce provides a range of services focused on providing pragmatic solutions that have a real and positive business impact.


Our services can be flexibly combined and will be tailored to your needs. Our services can provide you with the necessary knowledge and help so that you can succeed in business.

Doing business in the UK

The UK’s position, both geographically and in respect of business culture, puts it at the centre of a diverse collection of markets and sectors. Its open market and diversified economy present opportunities for new investors to access a domestic market and to use the location as a gateway to the rest of the world.

Doing business in Latvia

Latvia’s success in attracting Foreign Direct Investment remains undiminished.  Based on the World Bank Doing Business survey, Latvia is ranked 24th in the Doing Business’ 2014 report. Latvia has a similar business culture to the UK and English is a main business language.

Company Incorporation
Our advisers can provide practical advice and assistance on a wide range of business matters relating to company formations in the UK and Latvia.

Market entry consultancy:
Compilation of a comprehensive check list of all necessary documents and forms  that are needed to set up a business;
Establishing contacts with local banks and coordination between all parties involved;
Active support in identifying a suitable location for your business and assistance in  the subsequent search for real estate and business premises in the UK or Latvia;

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business partner search
Our Chamber of Commerce provides you with an individual business partner search in order to find the most suitable business partners based on your specific criteria in the UK or Latvia.
Our services include: Address Search, Business Mailing, Follow-Up Service, Travel Planning, Business Meeting Planning.

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trade missions
The Latvian British Chamber of Commerce team is proud of its long history of successful trade missions. Joining a mission immediately opens doors for you in the target market.

Our services include:
Plan and organize program and travel arrangement
Providing interpreters and support staff
Briefing on local and overseas market entry strategies, business culture, etiquette
Matchmaking events, seminars, round tables
Corporate promotion and networking events
Factory and on-site visits
Plan and organize ‘post business’ and social programs
Event evaluation and follow-up
PR coverage in media

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International trade services
Our comprehensive team of specialists provide advice across a broad range of industry areas including:

Import and export assistance;
Documentation services;
Promoting your business to the world;
Connecting businesses with potential investors and financial organizations through our contacts;
Domestic and foreign market information; and
latest international trade and investment news.

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Events & Networking
The Latvian British Chamber of Commerce provides opportunities for our clients, partners to make new contacts, hear from influential business leaders and keep up‑to‑date with business issues.

Throughout the year our Chamber of Commerce events, conferences and forums provide a great opportunity to network, build relationships, keep abreast of business issues and access respected and influential business leaders.

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