The Latvian-British Chamber of Commerce identifies and engages with business clusters that have economic growth potential.

Innovative Approach

A culture of innovation is the foundation of business competitiveness and drives productivity and economic growth. Our team delivers an innovative approach to these innovative industries by working collaboratively with our clients and our world-class experts to develop projects that are results -driven.


Our innovation advisers and mentors explore strategy with fresh eyes, uncover new and unexpected sources of inspiration and bring a rare mix of bold imagination and disciplined pragmatism. 


Our Chamber of Commerce works alongside the Latvian and UK science parks, incubators, local authorities, the media as well as business clusters and bank & investor networks.

Intellectual Property

brand protection 
In a world that’s changing every day, brand protection is becoming more and more complex. From trade mark protection to anti-counterfeiting services, our advisers and experts from UK and Latvia can help you obtain and maintain the best legal protection available for your brand.
Our Chamber of Commerce helps to open representations for innovative companies seeking to enter the UK or Latvian market from all over the world.

We organize meetings with potential partners, clients, investors, assist with strategies to enter the UK or Latvian market, develop marketing campaigns.
innovation lab
Our Innovation Lab is a combined platform for research and knowledge transfer in science and business.

Our Innovation Lab includes: 
Trend road-mapping: Where innovations come from. Where they go next.
Opportunity finding: Where the white space sits. What it takes to get there. Breakthrough and renovation.
Platform development: Foundations for innovation. Getting off the launch pad.
Breakthrough shifts: New perspectives. Fresh thoughts.
Creative ideation: Dreams to reality. Theory into practice.



We offer a unique spectrum of services encompassing various aspects of the Baltics and UK technology industry and IT world.


Our Chamber of Commerce identifies and engages with business clusters that have economic growth potential.


Our Chamber of Commerce helps developing relationship with finance institutions and building business networks.