Goodwill Ambassador & UK Prime Minister’s Investment Envoy to the Nordic & Baltic:

new profile-fixedLooking forward into 2017, I am delighted to be working with the Latvian-British Chamber of Commerce, and to continue to explore new business opportunities both in the UK and in Latvia.

I would like to congratulate the Latvian-British Chamber of Commerce on its achievements and the unique approach they have developed as a new generation Chamber of Commerce. Examples being the implementation of new programs, initiatives, products and partnerships with UK governmental organisations. They have also done great work in raising awareness of UK business opportunities within the Latvian community.

The UK provides an excellent environment for Latvian companies to grow, and is the ideal location from which companies can realise their international business potential. Indeed the UK provides a unique gateway of international connections and is a recognised leader in the fields of creativity and innovation.

I would like to wish you every success with business for 2017 in the UK. We look forward to continuing the cultivation of these commercial relationships between our two nations.

Mr Mark Prisk, Member of Parliament
Prime Minister’s Investment Envoy to the Nordic & Baltic nations
Former Minister of State for Business and Enterprise, Former Minister of State for Housing and Local Government