MFA and Chamber of Commerce discuss cooperation in 2016

Marcis Skadmanis1Latvian-British Chamber of Commerce representatives told Minister Rinkevics that in 2015 the Chamber began offering the services of a business park in Bristol, which can provide Latvian companies with the opportunity for using British mailing addresses or renting an office in the park’s facilities. The Ambassador of Latvia to the UK intends to visit the newly-established business park in May.

With support from Turība University, the Latvian-British Chamber of Commerce will open its first representation office in Latvia, thereby facilitating new contacts between Latvian businesses and the United Kingdom, and this will promote job creation.

The Foreign Minister and Latvian-British Chamber of Commerce’s senior management staff exchanged views on the referendum scheduled for June on the UK’s membership in the European Union. Minister Rinkevics said he was certain that the UK’s remaining a member of the EU is important for Latvia from political and economic perspectives alike. It is important that an agreement was reached at the European Council in February confirming the EU’s ability to jointly address complicated issues, the Minister noted. Edgars Rinkevics emphasised that the agreement is a compromise which lies in Latvia’s strategic interests and expressed the hope that it will provide solid grounds for a positive outcome of the referendum in favour of the United Kingdom remaining in the EU.

The Foreign Minister spoke with Mārcis Liors Skadmanis, the Latvian-British Chamber of Commerce Director General, and Baiba More-Brown, a Member of the Board and Chief Operating Officer.

The Latvian – British Chamber of Commerce was established in 2010 in London. Its mission is to develop, encourage, promote and foster business, financial or professional interests, commercial and investors’ relations between Latvia and the United Kingdom. The Chamber’s priorities are leisure and tourism, fashion and textiles, cooperation with the diaspora, and organization of conferences, congresses and other corporate events. The Latvian-British Chamber of Commerce provides advice, legal aid, marketing and advertising services, and it offers seminars as well.