Latvian & British Trade Mission, the House of Commons, UK Parliament

The two-day trade mission was organised by the Latvian-British Chamber of Commerce and the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industries, supported by MP Mark Prisk, the UK Prime Minister’s Investment Envoy to the Nordic & Baltic nations; HM Revenue and Customs; Royal Bank of Scotland; NatWest Bank and Euronews.

The purpose of the trade mission was to raise the awareness of the UK business and trade opportunities. Participants on the July 7-8 mission represented a variety of industries and companies – AirBaltic; Manco Energy Latgale; MS-IDI; Baltic Outdoor Agency; Amitours; Claudine London; Hardy Ice cream; XANDA; Eco House International; Motra; Spalt; National Westminster Bank; RBS; Vanilla Events; AVIACIRCLE UK; LVRA and others.
Besides building new business relationships, the trade mission also was a great way for companies to improve existing relationships.

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