LBCC meets Riga City Council 2011

Latvian British Chamber of Commerce met Riga City Council in 2011, following the meeting LBCC received the letter bellow:

I am delighted to praise the established cooperation between Riga City Council and Latvian British Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom (LBCC).

Today Riga, the capital of the Republic of Latvia, continues to be a driving force for the economy of Latvia. In our city you will find the concentration of 80% of foreign direct investments, production enterprises based on innovations, ambitious objects of real estate and transport infrastructure as well as educated, targeted and motivated labour force having a lot of experience in work with European markets and as well with the Commonwealth of Independent States, including Russia – one of the most significant trade partners of Latvia.

The Riga City Council works purposefully to provide a sustainable development of our city, preserving its identity and at the same time implementing modern projects by using innovative technologies to protect the environment and to develop urban infrastructure. As regards the economic activity emphasis is laid on the priority and competitive branches the development of which is unequivocally connected with research and innovations.

Due to active city policy for tourism promotion and advertisement activities, in 2010 Riga has been able to increase tourist flow by 13%. Since the beginning of 2011 and owing to the brand MEET RIGA we have come back to the sphere of business tourism to retrieve the key place among the Baltic and Nordic states.

The capital of Latvia is an attractive destination for investments due to its advantageous geographical location, orderly legislation, stable business environment and favourable tax policy.

Our common goal is to change Riga into a city where successful business activities take place, where harmonious and prosperous urban environment is ensured, where loyal inhabitants live and where guests get rich impressions of our culture.

We hope that as a result of cooperation between the Riga City Council and the Latvian British Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom activities promoting entrepreneurship will be carried out to provide new cooperation possibilities for entrepreneurs of the two cities and states as well as for their inhabitants.

Nils Ušakovs,
Chairman of the Riga City Council

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