Trade Mission 2016 – Panel Discussion: Innovation, Finance and Future Cities Technology

Technology is changing the way we experience cities. Smartphones, wireless sensors, broadband internet, computing and software are providing us with more efficient services, from finance management to healthcare, new ways to communicate, and greater access to knowledge and new opportunities.

Businesses in the UK are developing innovative products and services that are highly relevant to the challenges and opportunities faced by the world’s growing cities. UK based Tech firms are working together in multi-disciplinary teams to create and export new products and services such as mobile phone apps, electric bus infrastructure, design for green urban space, open data standards, low-carbon building design, and new infrastructure financing models.

In the UK, large and small technology companies are developing products and services to capitalise on information and communications technology and city development. Many IT firms have created groups within their organisations to provide city-based technology services.

This panel session covered key aspects of new development within Innovation, Finance and Future Cities Technology and how Baltic technology companies and municipalities can benefit from this. The panel also discussed: How technology and innovation will shape cities in the future? Why is United Kingdom a hot destination for international tech businesses? What role does technology plays in public relations? And more.

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