Doing business in the Baltics

  The Europe 2020 Strategy for growth (EU-20 strategy) includes internationalisation and access to markets of SMEs, key enabling technologies as well as clusters and.

Doing Business in Latvia 2014

According to the World Bank’s ranking Doing Business 2014 which ranks 183 countries on the basis of how easy it is to conduct business, Latvia improved.

Achievements Of Latvian Startups

Within a month, Latvian startup raised over 1 million USD on Kickstarter. SIA Helico Aerospace Industries “AirDog” is the world’s first air drone capable of.

Latvia – Tourism industry sub-sectors

Tourism is recognised as one of the country’s main economic development opportunities in Latvia, attracting tourists primarily from “neighbour” markets like the Russian Federation, Lithuania,.

Why Riga for MICE?

Riga’s strategic location in Baltics (Northern Europe), together with its vibrant cosmopolitan lifestyle, world class hospitality and superb professional services, have made the city an.

Hardy’s Ice Cream shop opens in Railway Place, Hertford

An ice cream company has opened in Hertford in time for summer. Hardy’s Ice Cream, whose co-owners are Mr Hardijs Kausins (Latvian Entrepreneur) and Ms Danielle Jones-Smith.

MICE Latvia & Riga – European Capital of Culture 2014

The Embassy of Latvia and Latvian British Chamber of Commerce UK hosted the event “MICE Latvia & Riga – European Capital of Culture 2014” organised.

Northern European Fashion Showroom “8Rooms”

Welcomes to the Northern European Fashion Showroom “8Rooms” The Showroom 8Rooms is a multi-collection fashion showroom representing outstanding Northern European, Latvian and British designers in.